Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yesterday was a good day. When for a little outing with the fam. Went to Chapters, the running room for Colleen and EB games for the kids. I never left the car, but it was nice to get out.

Thanks to my personal nurse who came by after hours to take out my staples. Didn't think it would feel too different with them out. I was wrong, it feels great. Apparently, my stitching was really done well. Every nurse that has had a look at them says that you will hardly see any scar.

One thing that I asked during surgery was if they could take a picture of my spleen once it was removed. Don't know what the protocol is for a request like. To my surprise, my doctor actually took a picture and emailed it to Colleen.

I've had some requests to see the pictures. So, below you can kind of see what I was carrying around for the last 8 months. The squimish can turn back now.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, finally my turn to post. Thanks to Colleen for keeping everyone updated on my progress.

After being brought back to the hospital for one night, all has been pretty good. Painful at times but mostly good. My staples are supposed to come out today, 54 of them. Hope that doesn't hurt. I'm not into pain any more. I think I done with that. Everything seems to healing up nice. I will post again soon.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy birthday wishes

I didn't forget but omitted it in my last blog...

Happy birthday yo my sweet friend Kim-me-cat...have a great birthday tomorrow and best of everything throughout the year

Love the Utrosa crew

We are home again

We have been sent home from the hospital...just in time for Christmas...just under the wire.

Vik will take over again......

My last thoughts are of gratitude and thanks...and wonder. I know it is the season, however each and everyone of you are amazing and wonderful and giving. Gof bless you all, today, tomorrow and always...merry Christmas and happy new year.

Big thanks to the meals on wheels crew....what a team.

Love you and yours

Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23 - still in hospital

Well....vic was admitted into Toronto General.

They have done a lot of tests and stabilized him over night. They continue to pump lots of IV fluid into him and he is back on a clear diet...that is making him so happy.

because of the IV he is looking good, hydrated and fuller.

So far today they can't give us much more information they are doing more blood work and some other tests before they decide if he can go home.

Last night ben's hockey team - the Whitby Wildcats A White team - dropped off amazing food, baking, good wishes and a great gift for vik...you guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for the support and care not only of us but also for Ben. It is hard to know how to say thank you for such generosity and care you guys give to us. Next time you guys see us but mostly me we will be 20 pounds heavier...it won't be pretty, but who can resist all that yummy baking.

Also thanks to my work crew for the supper works...and the money for parking here @ TO...it has helped so so so So much...you guys are the cats meow.

Thanks too for the special visits in emergency and the hospital and all the ongoing calls and reaching out You all do. It all makes a difference.

Happy almost Christmas eve to all of you.

Colleen weener and her sidekick Slav

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22 - back to the hospital

Well we are back in the hospital. Vik was struggling at home, lots of pain, discomfort and was struggling with eating or drinking enough. He was seeing the ho e care nurse for his blood thinner injections but just not right.

He had some complications with bleeding beginning at 2 am - a lot of bleeding - so with surgery so closely, blood thinner and Lymphoma the care team decided to have him readmitted back down here to @ Toronto General. We arrived at 1:30 I think and we are being brought in through emergency. The nurse from our floor in the hospital helped coordinate our arrival - but truth be told they are useless....the 9th floor staff had a fight with the emergency staff as to who should be admitting vik...helpful. Anyway emergency lost as most of the surgeons (down ro almost no staff! Christmas) for the 9th floor are off already and Vik could have had to wait for hours to see a dr. But ggod news is that emergency has been speedy quick...in @ 130 into a bed with 2 lines by 230...he is super sleepy due to the big adventure downtown.

He had taken back the blog but it back with me...it is in good hands.

I will update as we get info...bleeding hasn't stopped as of yet...working on it.
Vik is having an EKG right now...don't know why...checking his heart I guess.

Vik was so touched by Williams hockey teams show-of Pink and amazing card. The boys on the team all put pink tape all over their sticks to reach out to vik and to support William. They promised to keep the pink tape on until vik is healthy enough to come to a game....vik was so touched a few tears for sure. Vik just kept saying what wonderful families and boys we have the pleasure to know and cheer the Wildcats on with...this includes our great coaching team.
It was such a kind thing to do...a million thanks. Vik says he won't be gone long. What was even more wonderful to me was the comfort, support and friendship that was shown to William, he needed you guys and you were there...amazing group of friends.

We love all of you guys


Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20 - day 5 going home

Welllllllllll....looks like I am taking this boy home.
He has successfully gotten all of the tubes out, gone number 1 and 2, walked a bit, stayed awake for long enough to speak to the dr. And is keeping small amounts of food in.

He will have home care coming in every day for a month to help him out.

Vic is thrilled to be leaving the hospital, he has definitely turned a corner.

The really best news ever is that vics white blood cells levels are coming down and is red ones are coming up.......that means the beginning stages of remission.....yeeeepeeeeeee. This was the point of the surgery so dr. Kurketi came by this AM and was pleased with this result. It is exactly ehat they hoped would happen. It will take some time for this to really get better but it has worked.....oh man I am so - vik too- HAPPY.

Vic will see dr. - princess Margaret - on January 12/11 and he will see his surgeon in 3 weeks. So we will have more blood level results and surgery info at that time.

I cannot believe how much better he is doing today - you guys were right day 3 SUCKED and yesterday was not much better...weird. It must be his super powers kicking in.

One last thing but most important is thank you to everyone a billion times over for all the everything it has been crazy wonderful. I didn't realize it took a football team to help the Uti's function...but we hand picked each of you and man we have made-up the best ever team to exsist.

Vik says he is taking over blogging after today...so bye

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19/10 day 4

Vik continues to not be doing very well..mostly because of a combination of pain/ severe discomfort and not being able to eat any food at all, and if he does have a bite of anything including broth or any liquid other than water he either wants to throw up or just feels completely ill. Not a good combination.

He has been taken off another one of the lines so that leaves 1 now.

It is hard to feel better when you can't recoup your strength. He is sleeping a lot but as he is pretty unsettled.

They have started him on vicotin, pill form....kinda like an episode of house- oh boy I hope not.

Vic is still pretty sleepy most of the day - when he woke up just now he seemed a little pissed at still being in the hospital and for the entire situation....that is more like it.

Maybe today will see a change - back to the prayer mat's.

super Weenie and her san de'spleenic sidekick Slav

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18, 2010 day 3

Today has been sorta one step forward two back.

Vik has not felt very good today, they have taken 1 more line out - the one in his neck - he continues to have the other 2 lines going. They have taken off the covering for his incision and he has 50 staples running down the middle of his belly. He continues to be in a lot of pain, they keep him very medicated. He walked half way around the ward and had a sponge bath today so that made him feel more alive, but also exhausted him. His legs continue to be swollen too, so they are wanting him to drink more fluid - he finds it hard to eat or drink much of anything, it makes him barfy.

Vic thinks he might come home tomm....that will not happen I don't think. Vik is highly highly medicated and is trying to make sense of all the different information he continues to be given - he would be easy to crack if he was caught by the enemy...but all the information would be wrong.

Vik has received some beautiful flowers from work and a lovely basket from Gina and Sandy...thank you for being so kind.

We have had company this last few days, thanks for the time you spent with us away from your busy lives and the laughs.

Thanks again to the home front, the hockey, soccer, dance drives and constant care of our little people...kick butt today in hockey and soccer boys.

The hospital is quiet today...it is a world of it's own...good day to get lots of rest.

Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17 - A brand new day

It was a rough night....couldnt get the pain under control so vik really struggled. He was finally upped in dosage of pain mess around 5 am....after that he slept like much much better.
He has been upgraded to what they call "step up" not in a room yet but working his way out of any immediate risk...breath out.

He has been bathed (by a female) nurse, given some clear liquid to eat - you all know vik will not consider this in any way food - and they have removed 3 of his lines and he is off oxygen. He still has 3 lines to go but it is already 50% better a day later...pretty good.

He has better color and he made me get him a star bucks coffee (it is now sitting getting cold) but he wanted it so that is good too - drinking it will come later...baby steps right.

He told me this AM that he is going to put the spleen in the Guinness book of world records...I do think it might make it. He really looks so good with it out. Pretty big incision but chicks dig scars right.

The kids will come down today to see he is ok - they are doing well...they have had a lot of support at home.

Thank you to everyone for the great food, calls, gifts, emails, texts, phone calls, postings and the love extended to us.

Last but not least a HUGE happy birthday today to nick P...go get em.

Love you all

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post op 6:00pm

Well...hanging in. Vik is out of it most of the time. Trying to find a peaceful place between too much pain and complete oblivion. So far oblivion is winning, that is best for today.

He looks more restful than I have seen him in 6 months...long overdue I think. They are keeping him in their ICU tonight...so here we are.

Vik is stable but has a lot of support to stay that way...lots of tubes (thanks Fyfe for giving me the heads up on that) and he needs to be on oxygen for now. They tried him off the oxygen but he wasn't strong enough to breath deeply enough yet. Should be stronger by tomorrow.

He told me he was going to work tomorrow....from my view at the end of this bed...I don't think so....not for awhile. He did have that old familiar smile on his sweet lips for a minute..was so so so great to see, lifted my spirits and hope.

Big huge thanks to grandpa and Virginia for holding down the home front and being so good to the kids. Easy to be here when you are there.

Thanks for all the support today....you guys are wonderful.

Colleenie poo and sleeping viktoslav

Colleenie poo and sleeping vik too

Surgery complete @ 12:30

The surgeon just came to see me...all done. It was in his opinion successful and straight forward. Vik is recovering now. He said he will most likely be in hospital for the next 3 to 5 days. Then home care as of Monday or tuesday. That would be great.

The spleen was 20 pounds....he took photos and showed me...I will post them later if anyone is interested...it is huge, and not very pretty. But it is out, yeeepeeeeeeeeee.
Vik will be very skinny now without the twins...we will have to fatten him up.

He did have a transfusion...but he was out for that. He knew this was a possibility.

Vik's mom is here now and we can see him in about 2 hours...so we wait.

keep praying...it is working.


December 16/10 first surgery update

It is 10 am - turnover just came to see me...they have had a small delay. The doctor needed to get blood for vik and it took some time to get here. It has arrived and now theymare working on vic again- she didn't confirm or deny a transfusion but could be his blood was very low. They said he is stable and they could be done in the next 3 hours.

The next person to see me will be the dr.

If they are correct that will be about 1 ish.

I'll update after that time

I forgot

Vik also asked me to thank John and Jen for being so kind.

More news later

Surgery December 16, 2010

I will update as the day goes by as often as I can.

First of all want to thank Doris and Mark for the beautiful flowers, you are such a good cousin.

We left home at 4:45, early...got to Toronto General by 5:40. Right into surgery room for prep and just after they got vik naked, shaved (by a male nurse), prepped and a blood thinner given the dr. Was called into an emergency...ugh.

We really didn't need to worry though as it was all done by 7:45 and vik went in by 8, right on schedule.

He will be in surgery until early afternoon so I can post when I know how it all went.

They have me in a really cool waiting room with lots of support and things to do -including giving me the Internet for my iPad - they will update me every hour or so in here and the dr. Will come to give me the entire situation here when they are done.

Now everyone go pray...until later luv you all......


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haven't posted in a while cause their was nothing to say. My pre-op was last week and everything is a go. My date and time hasn't changed for surgery and I'm going in at 6am. With any luck I should be in a room by 2pm. Colleen may be posting for a couple of days since I won't have access to a computer.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the meal plan over the last 2 months. Feeding the Uti's is no easy task. It has really made life a lot easier.

Thanks to Colleen's co-workers who got together and gave us a very generous gift as well as a meal plan for a couple of weeks. I don't know what to say other than, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It will help everyone here at home while I'm in the hospital recovering.

Thanks to the the group who stopped by tonite. You seem to always know what we need. You make me laugh.             Make me laugh now, cause I don't want to bust a stitch later.

Diana & Bill and family. No words can say how thankful we are for your kindness.

Thanks to Mike & Virginia, for taking extra time off to be with us and helping out with the kids and anything else that will come up.

Thanks to Mom and Mern, for helping out over and above all year long.

Thanks to my children for the wonderful care package. I love you guys with all my heart.

Thanks to Cindy for the cookies. Their better be some left when I get home.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of those who have reached out to us in one way or another. It hasn't gone un-noticed.

No one has better friends and family than we do.

Till next time.

PS. I hope they take a picture of my spleen.........

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looks like it's a go for the surgery. I will be going in on Dec. 16th. It may move up, but I don't think that will happen as I need a number of shots (vaccines) to get me ready for the removal of my spleen. I have 2 down and 2 to go. Next shots are Dec1st.  They take about 2 weeks to take effect (good or bad) and that will put me in time with the 16th.

till next time,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

       Met with the surgeon yeaterday. Seems very nice and I liked him. He only deals with large spleens, so seeing the size of mine didn't seem to frazzle him. He did mention that I am carring around a health 8 Kilo spleen. Roughly about 18 pounds. WOW!!!.... A normal spleen is about 1-2 pounds depending on height and weight etc.
Basically he said that I should get it taken out. I'm still healthy enough to do the surgery now. He doesn't advise me to start chemo and then have to stop to have the surgery. The chemo would then be non effective. He did say again that once the spleen is removed, my lymphoma may go into remission itself. With no need for chemo for a couple of years. That's the good news. On the other hand, this will be major surgery with it being so big. And like any major surgery, there are risks. The risks are low as they only coincide with having a major operation. I will be in the hospital for 3-5 days and at home for about 6-8 weeks. They are trying to get me in ( and think they will) before the end of December. So happy holidays..............
I have to meet with my other Dr. next week to make the final plan. I think he will go along with the surgeon's recommendations. I assume my chemo that was scheduled for next week and Dec. will be canceled.

till next time,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, looks like the wait is over ... somewhat.

I met with a new Doctor today and looks like we have some direction. I have what they call Splenic Marginal Zone lymphoma. It's part of the non-Hodgkins Lymphoma family. Instead of going into detail use the link below for more info


My new Doctor is really good. I'm glad that they didn't move me from PMH. I was told it could happen if my condition wasn't that bad and could be treated closer to home. I guess having a very rare condition, they wanted to keep me here.

This is what happens now. The Dr. wants to start right away. One way to really put this into remission is to have my spleen removed. I have to meet with a spleen surgeon first. With my spleen being so big ( I mean really big ) my Dr. wants to be sure we don't have any complications cause of it's size. I also have to go for another CT scan. Again, to check the size of the spleen and see if anything else has changed in there. Once those are done, I will meet with My Dr. and decide which way to go. He has already booking my chemo sessions incase taking out the spleen is not an option. Don't know when, but I assume it will be right away, like next month.

If they take out the spleen, my condition may go into remission itself. I will have to take drugs to help with common viruses. If they can't take it out ( cause the complications and risks are too high ) they will do chemo. Either way looks like they might do it. Don't know what the sessions will be but he did say that it will 2 years before i'm done the first round. The drug of choice is Rituxan. He says it's very good and has been used for about 15 yrs. It's not curable, but it is treatable and manageable. I should be able to get a good 8-12 yrs in, ( right from his mouth )  SHIT!!!!  Oh well, least that will take me to retirement-ish age. I will stretch this out as long as I can, and fight it as hard as I can. This last part is really hard and it is the last I'm going to talk about it.

Till next time,


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

 The lymph node biopsy is done, and as far as I can tell, it went well. The procedure itself didn't take that long. It was only about an hour. What took most of the time was all the prep. Using ultrasound, they had to locate the lymph node. Somewhere in my abdomen area. The Dr. really stressed the fact that he didn't want to go in though the front so he can avoid the spleen at all costs. So they flipped me on my side, located the node and started to pump the drugs in........nice. Then the Dr. used the needle to go through my liver (?) to get to the node. He took is samples and that was it.

Once I was back in recovery, I had to wait 4hrs, before I was allowed to go home. I felt really good after about 2 but they needed me to stay. The reason being was that they had to monitor my blood pressure. One of the possible complications is because they went through my liver I could bleed out. I wouldn't know it, the Dr. wouldn't know it. So that's why I had to hang around. I was moving a bit slow yesterday, but today seems a lot better. I guess now I have to wait about 2 weeks ( everything with a hospital takes about 2 weeks) for some kind of results. Once I find out I will pass it on.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support,

till next time,


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haven't posted anything in a while cause, really nothing was happening. Monday is the day for the lymph node biopsy. Apparently, I will be given a heavy sedative and some freezing.  Yahh!!!!! I wish they did that with the bone marrow biopsy. I should be out in a couple of  hours. But in no shape to walk let alone drive. Colleen, will handle that part. I hope this is the final test and they can get some direction. I really need to get some kind of treatment started........spleen is really big. Can't sleep on my side because of it. The sweats are really bad.....SUCKS. And the energy is lower every day. Oh well. Have to wait and see.

till next time,


Friday, September 24, 2010

So, after a little call to the doctors office from Colleen...and no she didn't freak out.....she FREAKED!!!! out on them. I finally have an appointment for my biopsy. Looks like Oct 18 is the day I get to get poked and probed through my abdomen. Looking forward to it.......thanks sweetie........... Hockey news and pictures to come tomorrow...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept 18, 2010

No word from the doctor regarding the biopsy. Have to give them a shout next week and see what the deal. We're flying around this weekend cause both Will and Ben both have hockey tournaments. I'll pass along the update on that later.

Seems Ensure is a really good energy boost for me during the day cause I can't eat a whole-heck-of-a-lot lately. Great stuff other than it tastes like breast milk........yum!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 14, 2010

  Sorry about the delay. I said I would post later on Sunday but we are in full hockey mode, and theirs no turning back. I'll update on the hockey later.......

Thursday's meeting at PMH went well. They haven't narrowed it down to anything yet, other than she's positive it's some kind of lymphoma. The bone marrow biopsy did it's job as it helped her rule out a couple of bad blood cancers.........That's why the appointment went well.

My spleen is still getting bigger. Not to the extent it has grown in the last 4 month, but growing slowly. It seems now that it's spread to my liver. My liver is a little larger than in the 1st CTscan in May. ( had one done early Aug) She's not too worried with that cause they (spleen & liver) kind of work together. So it's no surprise, but a bit concerning. They may do a liver biopsy later on..........great.............

What they are going to do now is a lymph node biopsy. The reason she has ruled out CLL (my first diagnosis) is cause it usually carries 3 major symptoms. 1- enlarged spleen. 2-blood levels out of whack. 3- enlarged lymph nodes. I have 2 out of the three. My lymph node are not swollen or enlarged. So........they are doing the biopsy. They are going after 2 different nodes in and around my stomach. She said they will do it using needles under the watch of ultrasound........sound horrible.......... but she assured me it's not bad at all. Nothing like the bone biopsy.  Just waiting for the apt to be set up, should be end of this week or next.  If you watch closely everything runs in 2 week intervals for some reason.

The other thing that has come up is that they might very well take out my spleen.  This will depend on the results of the lymph node biopsy.  Usually taking out a spleen is not a big deal and done laparoscopy-style but unfortunately due to the size of my spleen it will be considered major surgery. Kinda like a c-section.  I really don't like this option but if it needs to be done, I will have no choice.  My Dr. also said that if they do the Chemo it may shrink the spleen.

I had to have a TB test today will get the results later this week.  The reason for the TB test is that if I have it or had it and still have it in my system it could effect treatment negatively.  At my apt today I got weighed and I have lost another 7 pounds, so now I am at a total of 25 pounds lost, move over Jenny Craig.

So end of the day that is the medical approach....around here we are hanging in.  I am exhausted most of the time, I still work everyday keeps my mind off everything.  I have really bad night sweats that are interfering with my getting a good night sleep.  I am also running a fever all the time, hence the night sweats.  Not too much I can do about this stuff, so I have to live like this until I begin treatment.  The air conditioning will be on well into December at our house (skating rink in the basement).

To end on a positive note.  People have asked lately how I keep a smile on my face and positive about life....well this is how..William made the rugby team @ All Saints today, he is so excited, his first high school team.  Ben lost his hockey game tonight, 5 -1.  Despite the loss his smile was ear to ear, who could ask for more than that.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept 10, 2010

I'm told his is the best way to get the info out their of what's happening with me. So for those who wish to read it can follow along on my happy trails.......I will post information regarding Thursday's meeting with the doc later today. All is ok.........off to lacrosse...