Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23 - still in hospital

Well....vic was admitted into Toronto General.

They have done a lot of tests and stabilized him over night. They continue to pump lots of IV fluid into him and he is back on a clear diet...that is making him so happy.

because of the IV he is looking good, hydrated and fuller.

So far today they can't give us much more information they are doing more blood work and some other tests before they decide if he can go home.

Last night ben's hockey team - the Whitby Wildcats A White team - dropped off amazing food, baking, good wishes and a great gift for guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for the support and care not only of us but also for Ben. It is hard to know how to say thank you for such generosity and care you guys give to us. Next time you guys see us but mostly me we will be 20 pounds won't be pretty, but who can resist all that yummy baking.

Also thanks to my work crew for the supper works...and the money for parking here @ has helped so so so So guys are the cats meow.

Thanks too for the special visits in emergency and the hospital and all the ongoing calls and reaching out You all do. It all makes a difference.

Happy almost Christmas eve to all of you.

Colleen weener and her sidekick Slav

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  1. Thinking of all of you always, and most especially now. Kic @$$ Vic!! All the best! Really! XOX!!