Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22 - back to the hospital

Well we are back in the hospital. Vik was struggling at home, lots of pain, discomfort and was struggling with eating or drinking enough. He was seeing the ho e care nurse for his blood thinner injections but just not right.

He had some complications with bleeding beginning at 2 am - a lot of bleeding - so with surgery so closely, blood thinner and Lymphoma the care team decided to have him readmitted back down here to @ Toronto General. We arrived at 1:30 I think and we are being brought in through emergency. The nurse from our floor in the hospital helped coordinate our arrival - but truth be told they are useless....the 9th floor staff had a fight with the emergency staff as to who should be admitting vik...helpful. Anyway emergency lost as most of the surgeons (down ro almost no staff! Christmas) for the 9th floor are off already and Vik could have had to wait for hours to see a dr. But ggod news is that emergency has been speedy @ 130 into a bed with 2 lines by 230...he is super sleepy due to the big adventure downtown.

He had taken back the blog but it back with is in good hands.

I will update as we get info...bleeding hasn't stopped as of yet...working on it.
Vik is having an EKG right now...don't know why...checking his heart I guess.

Vik was so touched by Williams hockey teams show-of Pink and amazing card. The boys on the team all put pink tape all over their sticks to reach out to vik and to support William. They promised to keep the pink tape on until vik is healthy enough to come to a game....vik was so touched a few tears for sure. Vik just kept saying what wonderful families and boys we have the pleasure to know and cheer the Wildcats on with...this includes our great coaching team.
It was such a kind thing to do...a million thanks. Vik says he won't be gone long. What was even more wonderful to me was the comfort, support and friendship that was shown to William, he needed you guys and you were there...amazing group of friends.

We love all of you guys


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