Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17 - A brand new day

It was a rough night....couldnt get the pain under control so vik really struggled. He was finally upped in dosage of pain mess around 5 am....after that he slept like much much better.
He has been upgraded to what they call "step up" not in a room yet but working his way out of any immediate risk...breath out.

He has been bathed (by a female) nurse, given some clear liquid to eat - you all know vik will not consider this in any way food - and they have removed 3 of his lines and he is off oxygen. He still has 3 lines to go but it is already 50% better a day later...pretty good.

He has better color and he made me get him a star bucks coffee (it is now sitting getting cold) but he wanted it so that is good too - drinking it will come steps right.

He told me this AM that he is going to put the spleen in the Guinness book of world records...I do think it might make it. He really looks so good with it out. Pretty big incision but chicks dig scars right.

The kids will come down today to see he is ok - they are doing well...they have had a lot of support at home.

Thank you to everyone for the great food, calls, gifts, emails, texts, phone calls, postings and the love extended to us.

Last but not least a HUGE happy birthday today to nick P...go get em.

Love you all


  1. Such great news, no better present than the gift of health and it looks like Vik is on his way. Would love to be there to see his face regaining colour and him bossing you around, oh yeah.
    We love you guys and are loving these posts you make...almost like we are there with you (in your heart).
    Love S&P

  2. Hey Colleen
    You sound pretty upbeat, keep it that way. Grandma wants to come and help, she feels that she should be one of the hands on care givers. Two weeks from tomorrow she'll be 94 and still pretty intune with what's what.
    Give Jess a call, she's close by and maybe you can connect for smiles and hugs.
    Tell Vic to hum to himself the Chicago Blackhawks celebratory tune after they score, Chelsea's dagger, it has an upbeat appeal.
    Love you guys. keep smiling,
    Uncle Tom