Tuesday, October 19, 2010

 The lymph node biopsy is done, and as far as I can tell, it went well. The procedure itself didn't take that long. It was only about an hour. What took most of the time was all the prep. Using ultrasound, they had to locate the lymph node. Somewhere in my abdomen area. The Dr. really stressed the fact that he didn't want to go in though the front so he can avoid the spleen at all costs. So they flipped me on my side, located the node and started to pump the drugs in........nice. Then the Dr. used the needle to go through my liver (?) to get to the node. He took is samples and that was it.

Once I was back in recovery, I had to wait 4hrs, before I was allowed to go home. I felt really good after about 2 but they needed me to stay. The reason being was that they had to monitor my blood pressure. One of the possible complications is because they went through my liver I could bleed out. I wouldn't know it, the Dr. wouldn't know it. So that's why I had to hang around. I was moving a bit slow yesterday, but today seems a lot better. I guess now I have to wait about 2 weeks ( everything with a hospital takes about 2 weeks) for some kind of results. Once I find out I will pass it on.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support,

till next time,



  1. I was thinking about you!!! Glad that's done! Yeah!! One step at a time - and we're all right there with you!!! XOX!!

  2. Well Vik - I guess that ones in the books. Glad to hear that you did not bleed out. :)
    Thinking of you all and hoping that each day brings family time and healthy ,high energy moments.
    Although we are not calling regularly - please know we think of you often.
    The littlest prays each night - that his uncle vik sleeps well tonight.
    He says it out loud - we all think it.