Thursday, October 18, 2012

Had another IVIG infusion last Thursday. It went well. Not sure if I mentioned it the last time. It's now protocol to be given benadryl and tylenol before my dose. Very strange as I haven't had a bad reaction for a long time and it's not my first time. I used to go in, get hooked up, pumped up and leave. Other than a little tired, no problem. Now.....I'm just cooked. The benadryl through IV puts you out instantly. No news on the plumbing. The meds seem to be doing their job as I feel a bit better. Still tired and weak most days. Don't think my body is getting the nutrients it needs from the food I eat. I trying to eat as well as I can and put some weight back on. Should have results on the 31st as that's the day I meet with the doc. As well as another infusion. A big shout out to a regular follower, Jenny. Great to see you the other night.

blog soon,


just before the benadryl kicks in.....