Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19/10 day 4

Vik continues to not be doing very well..mostly because of a combination of pain/ severe discomfort and not being able to eat any food at all, and if he does have a bite of anything including broth or any liquid other than water he either wants to throw up or just feels completely ill. Not a good combination.

He has been taken off another one of the lines so that leaves 1 now.

It is hard to feel better when you can't recoup your strength. He is sleeping a lot but as he is pretty unsettled.

They have started him on vicotin, pill form....kinda like an episode of house- oh boy I hope not.

Vic is still pretty sleepy most of the day - when he woke up just now he seemed a little pissed at still being in the hospital and for the entire situation....that is more like it.

Maybe today will see a change - back to the prayer mat's.

super Weenie and her san de'spleenic sidekick Slav

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  1. Vic and all of you are in our thoughts every moment. We know you know that! :D And as for you, Colleen, be sure to look after yourself too. You can't be all that you need to be - for everyone else, without being good to yourself first. Let me know if I can help you do that in any way. XOX!