Thursday, September 27, 2012

So had the plumbing checked on Monday. Finally starting to feel normal (as normal can be) and the appetite is starting to come back. Felt really sick on Tuesday. Not sure how I can toss my cookies without eating for more than 24hrs. I guess that's what happens when the jam something up your rump.
Even though the doctors took me off meds for about 6 weeks and I told them I wasn't feeling right, they were hoping things would subside. Looks as though my bowels are as bad as ever. So back on the pills for now. The meds might change once the biopsy's come back in about 4 weeks. Great.

blog soon,


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not much to report cause not much has happened in the last little while. Guess I should be happy. Generally I feel crappy everyday. I had another IVIG infusion last Thursday. It went well other than I always seem to break out the day after. Bowels are really giving me problems. I have another colonoscopy on Monday. After my last hospital stay I was put on some meds that actually made me feel good. Since I've been off, I just don't feel right. The doctors want to go in again (lol) just to make sure I have no cysts, blockages or build-ups. Even though I have IBS/crohn's, something else seems to be going on. After that I have no idea whats next.
The doctors are jumping back and forth cause I will not be able to go on the maintenance cycle of chemo. In order to do it - it has to be started 6 months after the original cycle for it to have any effect. Since I'm past it I will have to do the whole thing again if it flares up.
So again, no idea whats next.
I will blog again soon after my next appointment,