Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20 - day 5 going home

Welllllllllll....looks like I am taking this boy home.
He has successfully gotten all of the tubes out, gone number 1 and 2, walked a bit, stayed awake for long enough to speak to the dr. And is keeping small amounts of food in.

He will have home care coming in every day for a month to help him out.

Vic is thrilled to be leaving the hospital, he has definitely turned a corner.

The really best news ever is that vics white blood cells levels are coming down and is red ones are coming up.......that means the beginning stages of remission.....yeeeepeeeeeee. This was the point of the surgery so dr. Kurketi came by this AM and was pleased with this result. It is exactly ehat they hoped would happen. It will take some time for this to really get better but it has worked.....oh man I am so - vik too- HAPPY.

Vic will see dr. - princess Margaret - on January 12/11 and he will see his surgeon in 3 weeks. So we will have more blood level results and surgery info at that time.

I cannot believe how much better he is doing today - you guys were right day 3 SUCKED and yesterday was not much better...weird. It must be his super powers kicking in.

One last thing but most important is thank you to everyone a billion times over for all the everything it has been crazy wonderful. I didn't realize it took a football team to help the Uti's function...but we hand picked each of you and man we have made-up the best ever team to exsist.

Vik says he is taking over blogging after bye


  1. Tears of joy today, the best news!
    Although there will no doubt be a few tough days ahead, you guys can do anything given the mountains you have scaled this past year.
    Thinking of you and cannot wipe the smile off my face...I cannot imagine what yours must look like!!

  2. Great news !
    Wishes I was there to give hugs and kisses- am starting the new socks tonight.
    Love to all..
    Pamela and crew

  3. OH Colleen so happy to hear I was thinking of you all weekend and didn't think until now to check the blog!
    So happy Vic it going home and that the results are good, you couldn't get a better Christmas present.
    Thinking about you guys always have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS...
    BIG HUGS from Jenna and Emily