Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 14, 2010

  Sorry about the delay. I said I would post later on Sunday but we are in full hockey mode, and theirs no turning back. I'll update on the hockey later.......

Thursday's meeting at PMH went well. They haven't narrowed it down to anything yet, other than she's positive it's some kind of lymphoma. The bone marrow biopsy did it's job as it helped her rule out a couple of bad blood cancers.........That's why the appointment went well.

My spleen is still getting bigger. Not to the extent it has grown in the last 4 month, but growing slowly. It seems now that it's spread to my liver. My liver is a little larger than in the 1st CTscan in May. ( had one done early Aug) She's not too worried with that cause they (spleen & liver) kind of work together. So it's no surprise, but a bit concerning. They may do a liver biopsy later on..........great.............

What they are going to do now is a lymph node biopsy. The reason she has ruled out CLL (my first diagnosis) is cause it usually carries 3 major symptoms. 1- enlarged spleen. 2-blood levels out of whack. 3- enlarged lymph nodes. I have 2 out of the three. My lymph node are not swollen or enlarged. So........they are doing the biopsy. They are going after 2 different nodes in and around my stomach. She said they will do it using needles under the watch of ultrasound........sound horrible.......... but she assured me it's not bad at all. Nothing like the bone biopsy.  Just waiting for the apt to be set up, should be end of this week or next.  If you watch closely everything runs in 2 week intervals for some reason.

The other thing that has come up is that they might very well take out my spleen.  This will depend on the results of the lymph node biopsy.  Usually taking out a spleen is not a big deal and done laparoscopy-style but unfortunately due to the size of my spleen it will be considered major surgery. Kinda like a c-section.  I really don't like this option but if it needs to be done, I will have no choice.  My Dr. also said that if they do the Chemo it may shrink the spleen.

I had to have a TB test today will get the results later this week.  The reason for the TB test is that if I have it or had it and still have it in my system it could effect treatment negatively.  At my apt today I got weighed and I have lost another 7 pounds, so now I am at a total of 25 pounds lost, move over Jenny Craig.

So end of the day that is the medical approach....around here we are hanging in.  I am exhausted most of the time, I still work everyday keeps my mind off everything.  I have really bad night sweats that are interfering with my getting a good night sleep.  I am also running a fever all the time, hence the night sweats.  Not too much I can do about this stuff, so I have to live like this until I begin treatment.  The air conditioning will be on well into December at our house (skating rink in the basement).

To end on a positive note.  People have asked lately how I keep a smile on my face and positive about life....well this is how..William made the rugby team @ All Saints today, he is so excited, his first high school team.  Ben lost his hockey game tonight, 5 -1.  Despite the loss his smile was ear to ear, who could ask for more than that.



  1. Hang in Vik- thanks for the update.
    Get lots of rest.... Tell William to take it easy on those little high school kids.
    Also tell William to look after his we rule kingdom.
    Ben - you guys will just get better and better....
    All our love Vik, to everyone.

  2. Hey Vik,
    Be kind to your body and let it dictate what you can and cannot do.Listen to it... resistance is futile. Rest and stay possitive.

    Absolutely right on the biopsy not being bad, definatlely a walk in the park compared to the bone marrow biopsy. fingers crossed you get in quickly to get the testing completed. Once again if you need anything let us know.

  3. Can't wait to come over there and rub your feet and paint your toenails...if you are up for it?? Say the word.
    Hang tough and keep focusing on those moments that lift your heart and make you smile.
    Love you Vik
    xxo Vitale crew