Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18, 2010 day 3

Today has been sorta one step forward two back.

Vik has not felt very good today, they have taken 1 more line out - the one in his neck - he continues to have the other 2 lines going. They have taken off the covering for his incision and he has 50 staples running down the middle of his belly. He continues to be in a lot of pain, they keep him very medicated. He walked half way around the ward and had a sponge bath today so that made him feel more alive, but also exhausted him. His legs continue to be swollen too, so they are wanting him to drink more fluid - he finds it hard to eat or drink much of anything, it makes him barfy.

Vic thinks he might come home tomm....that will not happen I don't think. Vik is highly highly medicated and is trying to make sense of all the different information he continues to be given - he would be easy to crack if he was caught by the enemy...but all the information would be wrong.

Vik has received some beautiful flowers from work and a lovely basket from Gina and Sandy...thank you for being so kind.

We have had company this last few days, thanks for the time you spent with us away from your busy lives and the laughs.

Thanks again to the home front, the hockey, soccer, dance drives and constant care of our little people...kick butt today in hockey and soccer boys.

The hospital is quiet is a world of it's own...good day to get lots of rest.

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