Friday, February 11, 2011

First week back at work and it went really good. Energy was pretty good. Better than I thought. Great to see everyone again. Just dropped Ben off for hockey practice and now I'm starting to feel tired. It was a long week but good to be back.

My blood tests came back that I had done last Friday. My doctors office called me and said that "my blood levels are fine" and I don't need to see him again until April....What AWESOME NEWS !!!!!!!    So whatever I'm doing I need to keep doing it.

Not sure when I'm going to post again. I guess if I start going down hill I will let everyone know. I wish I could end my blog like Colleen did by saying "I'm cancer free"........ At some point I will, just not yet.


Friday, February 4, 2011

It's been a slow week(s) for posting. Nothing new other than I went to give blood today in Whitby. They will send the results to my doc and hopefully he won't call me to come down to see him.

Back to work Monday.....