Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still feelin'good and back at work. The 5th & 6th days have now passed and have noticed some different side effects. As I said before, on the 5&6th days is when I can notice changes to my body due to the treatment. I never had this before, but I just started to get numbness in the tips of my fingers and a bit in my toes. According to websites, it's normal but my treatment dose may have to be altered. I will talk to my Dr. about it at our next meet. Can't do much about it right now. It doesn't hurt, just a freaky feeling.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, got through the weekend with flying colours. It's a weird, scary feeling that I'm feeling so good. Things may change with every treatment, but for now things feel great. I'm starting to put on a bit too much weight, i think. Might be time to work out...LOL. All in due time.

FYI, I really do think my hair is starting to grow in. Seriously.

Thanks for all the kind acts and words to my family and myself. It really helps. I will post again soon. Next chemo not until Sept. 16th.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Took a bit of time to get under way ( not sure why) but I finally got in to have my martini this morning. Things went well. Once the benadryl goes in it's lights out. It really makes me doppey. Not that it takes much anyway. Everything seems to be going really good. Yesterday I had the appointment with the Dr. and all my levels are going up. Which is very good and kinda unnatural. Not getting any of the common side effects. So far. Out of all the side effects, I only seem to be getting the acne one. It's kinda run rampant the last couple days. But hey, if that's all I get... no worries-bring it on.

The doc is really happy with my progress so far. I guess my wish of retiring early will have to wait another 40 years...LOL. Kinda tired now and may go for a nap soon. I will post again in a couple days and see if all still goes well.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Things are going really well. Doing nothing is really easy when........ your doing nothing. Much needed R&R is doing wonders for the body. Everything seems to be ok and feeling pretty good. I probably won't post again until my next treatment Aug 25th.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's been 3 days since the treatment. So far so good. I get kinda weak in the knees and tired during the day. So, I don't mind just sitting around, chillin'. I'm eating as well as expected. I've talked to the doctors and they have given me permission to go to Thunder Bay and be with the rest of the fam....Can't wait!!!!!. They were a little worried that I was heading to the bush to do some hunting & fishing etc. Then they would have to say no.  Just chill at camp. If I can do it here, I may as well do it there. I just have to be mindful of the situation. If I feel anything, anything different, I need to go to the hospital. Even though I had the reaction in the hospital last time, the same issues could arise. My blood levels will most likely drop in the 5-10 day range and not to push myself and watch my blood pressure and for fevers.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


So far so good. No reaction to the drugs this time. The Rituximab (the drug that gave us all the fun last time) is about 3/4 done and no reaction. All my vitals have been fine throughout, so it looks like it won't be so bad. Feeling really tired because of the benadryl. I'm sure I'll fall asleep soon. I'll post again soon.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All went well today at the doctors. All my levels have come up so it's a go for tomorrow.........yay!!!!

I'm booked in for 830am and hope all goes better than the last time. And quicker...