Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post op 6:00pm

Well...hanging in. Vik is out of it most of the time. Trying to find a peaceful place between too much pain and complete oblivion. So far oblivion is winning, that is best for today.

He looks more restful than I have seen him in 6 months...long overdue I think. They are keeping him in their ICU here we are.

Vik is stable but has a lot of support to stay that way...lots of tubes (thanks Fyfe for giving me the heads up on that) and he needs to be on oxygen for now. They tried him off the oxygen but he wasn't strong enough to breath deeply enough yet. Should be stronger by tomorrow.

He told me he was going to work tomorrow....from my view at the end of this bed...I don't think so....not for awhile. He did have that old familiar smile on his sweet lips for a minute..was so so so great to see, lifted my spirits and hope.

Big huge thanks to grandpa and Virginia for holding down the home front and being so good to the kids. Easy to be here when you are there.

Thanks for all the support guys are wonderful.

Colleenie poo and sleeping viktoslav

Colleenie poo and sleeping vik too

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