Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yesterday was a good day. When for a little outing with the fam. Went to Chapters, the running room for Colleen and EB games for the kids. I never left the car, but it was nice to get out.

Thanks to my personal nurse who came by after hours to take out my staples. Didn't think it would feel too different with them out. I was wrong, it feels great. Apparently, my stitching was really done well. Every nurse that has had a look at them says that you will hardly see any scar.

One thing that I asked during surgery was if they could take a picture of my spleen once it was removed. Don't know what the protocol is for a request like. To my surprise, my doctor actually took a picture and emailed it to Colleen.

I've had some requests to see the pictures. So, below you can kind of see what I was carrying around for the last 8 months. The squimish can turn back now.



    That is way way bigger than I would have ever guessed... You must feel fantastic - relatively speaking of course.
    Glad to hear you were out of the house ... I remember the pictures of Colleen's first outing - she had to sit in the chair at the store to get up the energy to keep going.
    Sending you the best
    Pamela and crew

  2. And off that goes - with the end of 2010. Buh-bye! The year that .... well, let's forget it, shall we? Let's welcome 2011 with all the hope, optimism, possibilities and love it holds for everyone - not least of all, the Utrosas. It's a new year! A new day! Love you!!