Thursday, November 1, 2012

Went for my monthly visit with the oncologist. Although I didn't meet with my regular doctor I was finally given some good news. It seems that they can finally say that I've had PR, partial response. What does that mean?........Well, we again asked if I am in remission (cause I seem to feel better, other than the bowel issue and being tired) while I am not in remission, I am responding to the drugs given and the current  IVIG infusions. They've decided that I will be getting the IVIG for least another year. The reason they can finally say PR, is because the last 3 months my levels haven't changed drastically. They still aren't where they would like them but it's a start. I still have lymphoma cells floating around in my blood, but they haven't started to grow or attach to each other to cause a problem. Yay!!!!!

The biopsies came in from the colonoscopy and they determined that I have IBD/crohn's, inflammatory bowel / crohn's disease. The pills they started me on after the procedure is what I will be taking for the next 6 months when I will see him again if not longer. So all kinda good news. Have another IVIG on the 8th. Trying to figure out why my blood is still so low and find the happy medium with my iron pills to get me more energy.

blog soon,