Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haven't posted anything in a while cause, really nothing was happening. Monday is the day for the lymph node biopsy. Apparently, I will be given a heavy sedative and some freezing.  Yahh!!!!! I wish they did that with the bone marrow biopsy. I should be out in a couple of  hours. But in no shape to walk let alone drive. Colleen, will handle that part. I hope this is the final test and they can get some direction. I really need to get some kind of treatment started........spleen is really big. Can't sleep on my side because of it. The sweats are really bad.....SUCKS. And the energy is lower every day. Oh well. Have to wait and see.

till next time,



  1. Thanks for the update...we hate to call and have you retell the same story a dozen times.
    Enjoy the meds on Monday and be good to yourself, we are thinking about you and hoping it is completely a breeze.
    It will be good to get some answers and formulate a plan to get on with treatment and end this crap phase...can't imagine how you guys are managing but keep it up and this will all be a distant memory soon.
    We are there whenever you want, lots and lots and LOTS of love from Paul, Suanne and the girlsxxoxo

  2. Glad to see this update. I hope today wasn't too bad and the drugs they gave you were great ones and they maybe give you one really great sleep!
    Road to treatment sounds like it is around the corner and a victory party to start planning!
    take care and sending you the best thoughts
    Laura & Jason

  3. Hey Vik!

    Hope you're doing ok! Sending our thoughts! Hope to see you guys soon.

    Love Jess