Saturday, March 31, 2012

So I was released late Tuesday. I developed 2 different kinds of bacteria over the last little while. They know the kind, but don't know the source or where it could be resting. They assume "resting" cause I will have the bacteria grow, go on antibiotics, and it will be gone. A week after I'm off the antibiotics, it's back.
They are going to treat me with 6 weeks of IV (portable) antibiotics this time..... I'm telling ya, the fanny pack is back baby......Let's hope they finally kill it. They can't narrow down the type of antibiotics because again, they don't know where it is. They are again assuming a worst case scenario, that the bacteria bug is resting on a valve on my heart. That would be bad.
Well see how it goes over the next few weeks. They also found out that I have mild or early development of crohn's disease. It could have started with the chemo and all the drugs, but we're not sure. Something else they get to screw around with. Love being the lab rat. Good time's.....

the luxurious TGH suite

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