Monday, March 12, 2012

It's been one week now since I had my last dose of meds. I was out of the hospital the Thursday before. I was in for one week for the same thing again. This time they found no blood infection. My white blood cells spiked at 76. The last time it was that high was just before I started chemo. Chemo has been put off till the beginning of April. My doc wants to wait till this craziness ends. Thursday past and nothing happened. I feel ok so far. I really hope nothing happens in the next couple of days. I had appointments everyday last week. Spent more on gas and parking than EI pays...LOL. They took blood on Friday. Got a call on Saturday from a doc saying that the culture has grown but they don't know what kind it is. Asked if I'm feeling ok and if anything changes to go to emerg. So as I mentioned, so far so good.
Hope it stays that way.
blog soon

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