Saturday, March 24, 2012

As singer David Coverdale (of 80’s hair band Whitesnake) once said, “ Here I Go Again”…… just Colleen ain’t rolling around half naked on our Honda Civic, a la Tawny Kitaen on a corvette. Least I don't think so.

Well I’m back in the hospital. On Friday I went for a follow up from my time spent in Markham Hospital. They took blood again and that nasty bacteria that I’ve had before was back again. So they sent me to emerg in Markham to do a couple more tests. Once completed, I was allowed to go home.
I got the call on Saturday afternoon and was asked to go to emerg at Toronto General because it was growing again. Apparently, it grew really fast, and that’s bad. So I’ve been in since trying to get this figured out. Doctors here are awesome. Doing a whole bunch of tests again. I wish I could blog as things happen. I have time in between, but can’t log on to my blog site. The network here blocks it out. Apparently you can surf for all the porn you want but I can’t access my blog. LOL.

Once the news starts coming in I will post it.
Blog soon,


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Vic my friend, from what i hear the Doctors are kind of stumped as to what is causing the problem. Hey send me a e-mail next time your in Markham Hospital and i will try to visit you.

  2. I can only leave you comments through Google Chrome Browser Internet Explorer don't work well with some sites.