Monday, April 9, 2012

   Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks at home with no re-admittance to any major hospital. Hurray!!!!! I went for my usual meeting with my oncologist on Wednesday. This will be the first one since the last 2 hospital visits. It seems that my condition has been the talk around the second floor at PMH. My doctor has entrusted the help of some 6 different doctors to help figure of what to do. That's right, "what are we going to do"?????? Some one my age should not be getting these kind of viruses. This led my doc to check out a certain antibody in my blood. I appears that I have no IgG antibody's (immunoglobulin-G).
     IgG is a natural product made by plasma cells in our body, IgG antibody is a large Y-shaped protein used by the immune system to neutralize foreign objects like viruses and bacteria - hence my problem - I have none. All the doctors have decided to put my chemo on hold indefinitely. My levels in that area seem to be holding well, and focus on a new treatment for the IgG. They can't give me the chemo because it's designed to kill bad cells. It sometimes takes some good ones with it. With me, they can't take that chance without me getting sick. This is what they think is happening when I get admitted to the hospital. On the 19th I will be getting the first IgG blood infusion. Not sure how many I will be getting but I have 2 book already.
    This blood can be made up from 100 different donor's. Mine is made from only 10 donor's with this special antibody taken out and infused into me. This is crazy stuff. Went on a American website and they pay $10k for one adult dose. Thank god for Canadian health care. Like any infusion/transfusion their are side effects. This is where the fun begins; I could have a heart attack or stroke if it's infused to quickly. I could have kidney failure. Those are the worst cases. The better ones are like, headache's, rashes and stiff neck. So not much else to say other than I feel ok. I still have the IV fanny pack tied to my hip. The antibiotics are running havoc on my digestive system.
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  1. 7 minds are greater than least you got their attention.
    You should start writing a book (when you are feeling up to it) about all these crazy things that are going on.
    Keep us posted,
    xoxo Vitale crew