Thursday, July 21, 2011

       Went to the doctor yesterday. It was a good outing, Ben came along for the ride. Overwhelmed by downtown and way too hot.
       Anyway, they took some blood and found that my hemoglobin (red blood cells) are really low again. They haven't been this low since Dec'10. So the talk begins of a transfusion.....GREAT!!!!. I guess it's not that bad cause I had it done when I had the surgery and felt great for a couple months. It's a normal thing with chemo that they drop a bit.
      As we talk and he asked me more questions, it seem my body is reacting to the chemo. Slowly, but something is happening. The night sweats have stopped.....knock on wood....and I had the best sleep in a long time the other night. I'm moving around, although slowly, still moving.  He said that all the other levels are good and that he doesn't want to pursue the transfusion right now. The levels may come back on there own with time.

      So I have another appt. just before my next chemo to check it out, and then do chemo on Aug 4th.


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  1. Thanks for the updates Vik, we are always wondering how you are doing and hoping this treatment will pass quickly and be a 100% success.
    It must be difficult to stay positive when you feel rotten but keep it up, it is half the battle.
    We are here for you guys, don't feel like you are alone in this. We would love to help in any way.
    Love the Vitale crew