Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Had my appointment today. Colleen and I knew this would happen at some point, and looks like the time has arrived. Looks like my unclassifiable lymphoma has come back.

I will be starting chemo in 2 weeks. My doc wants to book it asap. So it could be before. I've started on some pre-meds already. My chemo will consist of 4 meds to be taken by injection. The first one will last 8 hrs........great, tons of fun. My session will be once every 3 weeks for 8 months. After the 8th month I will continue one of the drugs, as a maintenance, for the next 2 years. During that time they will see me every 3 months, do a CT scan and take blood. Hopefully all goes well.

My doctor said that after the 2 years I should be feeling better and could go for 2-3-4 years without any symptoms. If and when it comes back, I will have to start again.

Don't know what else to say right now. Still need to process everything but wanted to let you all know.


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