Friday, January 14, 2011

Ok, I saw my oncologist on Wednesday. Things are ok. My blood levels haven't gotten to where he would like them, but that was kind of expected, but they are better. Surgery was only 4 weeks ago, and my body is still getting use to everything. I will have to go for another blood test at the end of the month. And then see my oncologist in April. I'm still having some night sweats. Definetly not as bad as before. The 2 weeks after surgery I was feeling great at night with no sweats as I was telling some people. I found out that it may be because of the blood transfusion I had during the surgery. Nice, new, clean blood running through my body. Now that my body is doing it's own thing I've kind of reverted back. Oh well. See what happens.

Another thing that came up in my pathology report (report from my doc) is that even though they labeled me with Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma, once they tested my spleen it wasn't conclusive that that's what I have. Confused?.... Me too. What it basically means is that they need to do a couple of more spacific tests on my spleen to confirm anything. They are going to continue to go with it but I could have something that's even more rare than the Splenic Marginal..blah..blah..blah.

Once I do the blood test at the end of the month, I/they hope to know more.

I see my surgeon on the 21st. I think that will be good as I'm feeling better every day.

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