Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I figured I may as well make a post while I wait for my oncologist appointment. I'm a bit nervous as to what they might say. It really can't get any worse. I've heard all the scenario's already.

The way it works here at PMH, is that you have an appt. for blood and 1hr later you meet with your doctor. They can go over all the findings then. Neat. Except when you show up for your blood appt. and your take a number is 44 and they are only at 74. It rolls over at 100. It's like an assembly line. People march in and people walk out. Creepy. It'll take about and hour to get to me. Then I have to wait an hour to meet my doc. That sucks. Oh well. Thank god for a Starbucks across the street.

I'll post the results tomorrow.



  1. We're thinking wonderful thoughts for you!!! Love you lots! :D

  2. keep the faith Vic, things are gonna get brighter.