Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another amazing thing that happened to me was that William's hockey team, the Whitby Bantam AE team, got together and get me some great gift certificates and a wonderful gigantic card signed by everyone. So too all the parents, players and coaches, thank you very much.

The boys also went ahead and taped their sticks in some fashion with pink tape. I wasn't able to be at the game, but it was really cool to see the pictures of a bunch of 14 year olds with pink sticks. Awesome. At the next game, with my emotions running on high, I went into the change room to see the boys and have a few words. There I was greeted with a thunderous applause and a Whitby Wildcats jersey of my very own. Signed by all the players and coaches. WOW!!!. not to mention a name on the back that I hope comes true. Nothing but class, boys. Thanks.


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  2. This game is truly one that will stay in my memory - touching and emotional to everyone who was there and understood what the pink sticks meant. The way the boys skated together after the game, raised their sticks as a team.... amazing.