Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not much to report cause not much has happened in the last little while. Guess I should be happy. Generally I feel crappy everyday. I had another IVIG infusion last Thursday. It went well other than I always seem to break out the day after. Bowels are really giving me problems. I have another colonoscopy on Monday. After my last hospital stay I was put on some meds that actually made me feel good. Since I've been off, I just don't feel right. The doctors want to go in again (lol) just to make sure I have no cysts, blockages or build-ups. Even though I have IBS/crohn's, something else seems to be going on. After that I have no idea whats next.
The doctors are jumping back and forth cause I will not be able to go on the maintenance cycle of chemo. In order to do it - it has to be started 6 months after the original cycle for it to have any effect. Since I'm past it I will have to do the whole thing again if it flares up.
So again, no idea whats next.
I will blog again soon after my next appointment,


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