Monday, July 16, 2012

          As much as I want to throw in some fart & bum jokes, I'm not sure I can work it in. In right now for my monthly IVIG infusion and thought I would update my blog.
Finally got out late Friday afternoon. I'm feeling better but taking the eating a bit slow. So again they aren't sure what's going on with me. As I mentioned before they are not sure if the current bowel thickening came before all of lymphoma. If it came from the lymphoma itself or the chemo. If it came before they can treat it with steroids. If it's from the lymphoma, they can treat it with more chemo or my maintenance. If it was chemo drug induced, they can't use the steroids and would have to use something else but it could make it worse....FUN. During my hospital stay, I couldn't pass anything for 4 days. I thought it was something I ate. My bowels were so inflamed that nothing would pass. Good time for a fart joke.... but nothing.......
I'm currently on a bunch of drugs and they seem to be doing the trick. Kinda funny how my GI doctor told me all was good and I don't need to see him any more just 2 weeks ago.
     Had my usual meeting on Wednesday with my oncologist where they informed me that I would indeed be going on the maintenance chemo. I was told earlier this year that I couldn't because the rituximab was hurting my immunities. It looks as though my levels aren't coming to where they want so I will need the drug to help. I would also get some kind of new drug to help with the side effects of the rituximab. Who knows when this will take place but they sounded like they want to do it soon. After I'm done my IVIG infusions. Whenever that is....

blog soon,

my view for 6 days...


  1. Hey Man if this is the Vik I think it is or even if it's not I hope your feeling better.

    Michael the cook from Providence '90-92'

    Let me know and i'll contact you

    1. Yes it is!!! How in the world did you find this? What a blast from the past...Feeling better, but up and down every day. Great to hear from you. What have you been up to? Hope all is well with you. Talk soon. Email me at