Monday, August 29, 2011

Well, got through the weekend with flying colours. It's a weird, scary feeling that I'm feeling so good. Things may change with every treatment, but for now things feel great. I'm starting to put on a bit too much weight, i think. Might be time to work out...LOL. All in due time.

FYI, I really do think my hair is starting to grow in. Seriously.

Thanks for all the kind acts and words to my family and myself. It really helps. I will post again soon. Next chemo not until Sept. 16th.


1 comment:

  1. So great to hear the usual "Vic" humor in your posts.
    As for the acne, there are a lot of us getting it in our 40's, just another joy of getting old(er) I guess. At least as a guy you can grow facial hair, not too pretty on a gal.
    Brings a big smile to our faces to hear you are feeling amazingly well, keep up the good work!
    lots of love as usual,
    Vitale Crew