Thursday, August 25, 2011


Took a bit of time to get under way ( not sure why) but I finally got in to have my martini this morning. Things went well. Once the benadryl goes in it's lights out. It really makes me doppey. Not that it takes much anyway. Everything seems to be going really good. Yesterday I had the appointment with the Dr. and all my levels are going up. Which is very good and kinda unnatural. Not getting any of the common side effects. So far. Out of all the side effects, I only seem to be getting the acne one. It's kinda run rampant the last couple days. But hey, if that's all I get... no worries-bring it on.

The doc is really happy with my progress so far. I guess my wish of retiring early will have to wait another 40 years...LOL. Kinda tired now and may go for a nap soon. I will post again in a couple days and see if all still goes well.


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  1. Thanks for the update Vic
    Hope you continue to do well