Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's been 3 days since the treatment. So far so good. I get kinda weak in the knees and tired during the day. So, I don't mind just sitting around, chillin'. I'm eating as well as expected. I've talked to the doctors and they have given me permission to go to Thunder Bay and be with the rest of the fam....Can't wait!!!!!. They were a little worried that I was heading to the bush to do some hunting & fishing etc. Then they would have to say no.  Just chill at camp. If I can do it here, I may as well do it there. I just have to be mindful of the situation. If I feel anything, anything different, I need to go to the hospital. Even though I had the reaction in the hospital last time, the same issues could arise. My blood levels will most likely drop in the 5-10 day range and not to push myself and watch my blood pressure and for fevers.



  1. So glad you will be able to get away for a while, it's bound to be theraputic.
    xoxo Vitale crew

  2. Hi Vik, it's that term "camp" - it throws off all southern ontarians. Have some fun and I'll hunt for my prayer book while you are gone! xoxo Danielle