Sunday, December 11, 2011

CHEMO DAY #8 (the last one???)

So chemo day #8 has come and gone. Nothing exciting to say other than it was the last one, for now. Everything went well. Got in, hooked up and got out. I love the groggy, dazed fellin'. It's good to let go and just go with it. The prednisone sure does wonders on me. Like Dr. Bruce Banner (aka hulk) always says " Don't make me angry, you won't like it when I get angry"...LOL... And boy can I pack away the food being on the meds. Thank god christmas is coming cause I don't think we have enough food around the house....
Not sure when I will blog again. It's a bit of a wait now. I have a CT scan booked over the holidays, a GI appointment in the new year. When all that's done I see my doc. From what I understand now is that I'm not in remission cause I still produce bad cells. I will go on a maintenance drug once every 3 months for 2 years, as long as my levels stay the same. Not sure if and when I would have to start chemo again. But it's a possibility. Have to wait till the new year.

When you go the chemo ward, you see all kind of people. All in different stages of therapy. It can be very sad in some ways. Like myself, some people are so ordinary they look like they are only stopping by to visit someone else. There is a nothing wrong with me kind of swagger. Then we get hooked up and we look so different. Some are there who really need help. For those of you who are not just visiting; Have faith in your doctors and believe that things will change. You will feel better and get over this little bump before you. I would never compare myself to anyone else with this kind of disease other than to swap war stories. I had a tough time but managed to overcome this with a lot help and support from friends and family. Without Colleen and the kids not sure what could have been. We all have it in us to beat and triumph any obstacles out before us. But I am different....
I am superman....

and my supergirl

blog soon...


  1. Again Vic
    I am glad to see your feeling and looking better.
    And i hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a much better New Year.

  2. I hope you are following my Blog too.