Sunday, November 20, 2011


Another one down. I thought the last one was fast. This one was done in record time. My appointment was for 11:30am. After sitting around the new waiting room (very nice) got in around 12:45. Was hooked up, filled up and cleaned up by 3:45. Out the door by 4pm. Not bad. Very woozy and pasty after but felt good. Got by 5:30 and was able to scarf down a small pizza.....All in a days work. Feeling pretty good for now. Very tired. I'm awake when I should be sleeping and tired when I'm up. Damn that prednisone. 
I have the next appointment booked for Dec. 9th. That would be the last one....I hope. That will mark almost one year since the surgery and the start of recovery. I have a CT scan booked for Dec. 29th. To see if all the organs are getting smaller.
Blog in 3 weeks.


And yes, that is a stash. Not dirt.
Ahhh, to be 20 again...


  1. Hi Vic

    I am glad to see your feeling better, May be only my opinion but i don't think you suit a stash.

  2. Hey Vic

    you sure have a collection of comic superhero t-shirts, My only superhero is Harley-Davidson oh well what ya going to do.

  3. Lookin pretty Magnum P.I. ish with that facial hair, diggin it!