Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sorry I haven't posted much, but not much to say. Really sick over the holidays. Turns out Christmas day was really bad. Colleen made an appointment for me and they threw a bunch of meds my way. Felling better. Think it was just the flu, but things like that hit me really hard. I got the flu shot but still hit me bad. Things are going well otherwise. Had another IVIG infusion on Thursday. Like I said before they have decided to give it to me for one year. I've finished six and have six more to go. Had a visit with my oncologist on Wed. Again, things are going well. Like usual, my levels aren't the best but they are maintaining minor losses and gains. The true test will come when I finish the IVIG. They hope that the virus' I've developed in the past are gone and not being kept at bay because if the infusions. They need to finish the cycle. Once that's done and I don't develop any virus' again they can then tackle the lymphoma.
They know why I'm so tired and weak sometimes. Seems my red blood cells are less abundant and getting smaller as well. I've been given iron to help bring these levels up. If it's not successful, I will have to get iron infusions too.

Blog soon, (promise)


my only room mate for my infusion....

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