Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Days without incident : 50

So far so good. Had the latest IvIg infusion on Thursday. It went well. They have it down to about 2hrs now. I have a few more scheduled and then we'll see what happens. When I started my immunoglobulin level was 0. After the first one it went to .5. So now, after 3 I'm at 2.5. Once we get to 5 and it holds there, we will start to spread the infusions further. Going from every 4 weeks to 6 then 8 until I'm off. Once that happens, my doctor doesn't really know the next course as I'm not allowed to get Rituximab (part of the chemo) any more as it killed off way too many good cells......Back to the drawing board.
Had an appointment with my gastrointestinal doctor 3 weeks ago but they canceled saying the treatment my oncologist is giving me is good and their is nothing else they can do for me. WHAT!!!????
I told my oncologist about it and told him I was still having problems in my gut. He was perplexed and was on the phone to GI within seconds and had me booked in for a after hours visit Thursday.
So, seems they can do more for me. I'm on some steroid for the bowels. 8 pills a day. Hope it helps.

blog soon,


on the shuttle to the clinic


  1. It really pains me to see you have to go through all this Sh.t Vic my friend. I did have my Colonoscopy and i did have polyps it wasn't all that bad and i didn't even know they did anything.
    I have to do again in 3 years so i guess everything is Ok. I just wish we could fix your problems as easy, The guys at Middleton's have been asking me about you as of a few weeks ago anyway. E-mail me i sent you an e-mail but never heard back so far, Continued good luck my friend.

  2. 50 days with no emergency runs to the hosp...that's a good sign! Who cares how you get healthy (baby steps or giant leaps) as long as you get there.
    xoxo Vitale crew