Saturday, May 26, 2012

   Nothing has happened since the last post but I felt it was necessary to thank a few people for all their support.
Thank you very much to Efie and the staff at the cafe for all their support and kindness during the fundraiser. A big thank you to all the friends and family that came out to support the event. We don't know where we would be with out you. It was a very special night. We (I) were overwhelmed by all the familiar faces and ones whom we haven't seen in a while, it was very touching. These are the things that keep us going when we have bad days.
Also a big thank you to all the staff at DCAS for their never-ending kindness in so many different ways. Your support for Colleen and our family is unmatched.
We have been blessed with a wonderful circle of friends and family who's endless kindness has kept us going during this difficult time. Saying thank you just doesn't seem enough. Just so you know we think about you every day and thank god for putting you in our lives.

I love you Colleen.

Blog soon,


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