Friday, October 7, 2011


Another chemo day has come and gone. All feels really good. The benadryl hit me like a ton of bricks this time. I was out within an hour. Wasn't out for long so I had some good time to hang and chat with Colleen. What a girl...took time out of her busy schedule to come down to chemo and make sure her baby is ok. Gotta love her. Even on her anniversary no less. Hey, at least we got to spend the day together. How many couples can say they spent their anniversary in the chemo ward of PMH....scratch #45 off the bucket list. Hope I'm more awake for the weekend. Ben has a bunch of hockey games and our big Thanksgiving dinner Sunday. Should be fun. All the best to everyone. Blog soon.

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but every week I do my chemo, I wear a different superhero t-shirt. I feel like i'm a cast member of the Big Bang Theory...LOL... It all started on the first day when Colleen bought me a Avengers shirt and I wore it. I didn't get a picture that first day......didn't think of it till I got home. But ever since Colleen always makes it a priority to find a new so I can wear it on my special day. As I said before, gotta love her.


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