Friday, February 11, 2011

First week back at work and it went really good. Energy was pretty good. Better than I thought. Great to see everyone again. Just dropped Ben off for hockey practice and now I'm starting to feel tired. It was a long week but good to be back.

My blood tests came back that I had done last Friday. My doctors office called me and said that "my blood levels are fine" and I don't need to see him again until April....What AWESOME NEWS !!!!!!!    So whatever I'm doing I need to keep doing it.

Not sure when I'm going to post again. I guess if I start going down hill I will let everyone know. I wish I could end my blog like Colleen did by saying "I'm cancer free"........ At some point I will, just not yet.



  1. love, Love, LOVE IT!!! XOX!!! :o)

  2. Eyes and hearts welling up with JOY!!!!
    Such GREAT news,